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Dog Grooming in the Wisconsin Dells

At Pet Retreat of the Wisconsin Dells, we believe bathing & grooming are essential to a healthy pet. We offer state-of-the-art dog grooming facilities with a professional grooming stylist.

If your dog is staying at the Pet Retreat of the Wisconsin Dells, we can schedule grooming with our groomers around their stay and have them ready for you when you come to pick them up! As always, we also take appointments for dogs and cats not staying with us at our retreat.

We give your dog and cat the attention, detail and care from our talented groomer. Here at the retreat, we can also groom your cat and get him ready for when you return. After grooming, your little lion can return on the prowl in our Kitty Condo!

Our Services

pet safety is our priority 
Stay in the Wisconsin Dells with confidence that your pet is safe and secure at the Wisconsin Dells Pet Retreat. The owner lives on the property and oversees all the activities and relaxation at the retreat.
This is not only a thank you, this is also a WOW! You really went above and beyond. Thanks for taking such great care of Tinker.
-Andy & Becky
Thank you for taking good care of me while my mom & dad were on vacation. they said I would have a fun time at "camp". The treats are for you - to say thank you for your special care & attention.
Many Thanks for the care you gave Roscoe while he was with you over Easter Break. Especially with his seizures! Thanks Again.
-Paul and Nancy Mennecko

E 9891 County Highway P Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin 53965

Pet Retreat is located on County Highway P in the Wisconsin Dells. We are located a 1/2 mile from Wal-Mart and Home Depot and are only 5 minutes away from all the major Wisconsin Dells attraction resorts!

Give us a call for all your pet boarding, grooming and day care needs.

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What is the difference between mini storage, self-storage, and RV and Boat storage?

The difference between the storage units is a matter of size. Our mini storage units are perfect for storing smaller items such as unused holiday decorations, clothes, toys or even office supplies. It is designed for someone who needs to store things but does not need a lot of space. Our self-storage units are larger than our mini storage and can easily fit unused furniture, large objects, and more clothes and supplies. Our RV and Boat storage is our largest unit size and can easily fit and store your recreational vehicles while they are not being used.

What should or should not be stored in a storage facility?

What you store in your unit is completely up to you, while we have suggestions on potential belongings you could store what you choose to store is up to you. However, we do not allow for hazardous materials to be stored in our units including flammable material, liquid or chemicals. If the object is not hazardous or illegal, then it can be stored with us.

How do I know if my vehicle is too large for your storage facility?

Our storage units for recreational vehicles are built to house your average-sized RV and small boat, to determine if our facility is big enough please reach out to us using our business number or by filling out the contact box with your inquiry. We can help you determine if our storage units are right for you.

How safe are your storage facilities?

Our Storage facilities are protected and monitored by our experienced staff, and we strive to keep your belongings as safe as possible while keeping our office times convenient for accessing your storage unit. If you have further questions regarding our security, please reach out to us using our business number or by filling out the contact box regarding your inquiry.

What is the proper way to store my belongings?

We recommend that you package all your possession that you wish to store in cardboard boxes or plastic bins to make them easier to stack. Using this method, you can utilize your storage unit space to the max using this method. When wrapping and moving fragile objects we recommend using bubble wrap or packing paper to ensure the safety of your objects. As for your vehicles they just need to be parked within our storage units.

When can I access my storage unit?

Our storage facilities are open at your convenience during and past business hours so that you can have complete and total access to your storage unit. If you need assistance during this time, we will be there to assist you during business hours. Give us a call at our business number for more information regarding availability.

Do you have open storage units or do I have to call ahead?

The availability of our storage units is always fluctuating so we recommend calling our business number regarding our potential availability. Walk-ins are allowed however we cannot guarantee that we will have an open unit at the time.

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